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People are trying to hide things from you…
It’s only confidential unless you’ve been to Traci’s program.


This Program Will Allow You to Transform Your Sales, Service and Leadership!

About the Presentation

Learn how to read body language and reveal what customers, potential clients and your team aren’t saying. You’ll also learn how to detect lies and uncover deep truths so you can:

  • Increase sales up to 20%

  • Instantly create deep connection to current and future clients

  • Elegantly lead others so you create raving fans

  • Interview powerfully or hire the right candidate

  • Accelerate your networking

  • Make anyone really comfortable around you- no matter what the message

You’ll see the world with new eyes and appropriately respond to the hidden messages others are always sending. Be ensured that you’re sending the right message. Respond to once hidden clues so you can get the real messages and close the sale at the price you want.


Attendees will laugh and win fabulous prizes behind curtain #3 in this eye-opening, gameshow style keynote while they learn:

  • How to interpret body language

  • How to respond to what you see so you get what you want and close the deal

  • How to Detect Lies

  • Three questions you can ask anyone to instantly connect with them

  • Four ‘Magic Words and Phrases’ to persuade anyone

About Traci… A body language and persuasion expert, speaker and author. She speaks globally and is a frequent guest on TV interpreting the body language in current events. She’s the author of Body Language Confidential and Body Language for Profits. Ms. Brown is a 3 time US Collegiate Cycling Champion.


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