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What is a Body Language Expert?

Body Language Expert:

A body language expert is a person who’s learned the hidden meanings of how certain physiology correlates to a person’s thoughts. They understand how thoughts and behavior are related and have trained themselves to have heightened sensory acuity. They can see the little, seemingly insignificant gestures a person uses either individually or in ‘clusters’ and they instantly know what it means.

There are many ways to become a body language expert. The best way is to take some kind of formal training. Many colleges offer courses in non-verbal communication. You can even get a PhD in it if you’re that driven! But don’t think that you need a degree. There are many other ways to study. A course in Neuro Lingusitics will give you foundational knowledge both in how to strategically use body language and also in how human behavior is created.

For most people though, digging into books and videos is the easiest way. Be sure to read every book you can find on the subject. You’ll see how the lines between body language and psychology get fuzzy and can seem to overlap. The more you know about one of these disciplines, the more quickly you can learn the other.

But who determines if you’re a body language expert? You do. And others do. A true body language expert can observe behavior in a non judgmental way. Non judgment is key in stepping into expert status. When you can watch someone with pure curiosity and take off the labels of ‘bad’ and ‘good’, you’ll be able to understand the true meaning of their behavior and accurately interpret it.

Can you elegantly use your body language to get certain responses out of others and persuade them if you need to? This is the next milestone to cross on your way to becoming an expert. Not only do you need to be able to watch, you need to be able to be flexible in your own body language and this is the toughest part!

Need some help? Hire Traci to speak to your group or get a copy of Body Language Confidential. You’ll be a body language expert before you know it.

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What Clients Say

I’ve used the tools you taught over the last couple of days with instant results.. I landed a new distributorship in Brazil!
L. Paul, Lafayette, CO
II absolutely loved your program. I’m seeing the world with new eyes and hearing it with new ears.
M. Steinberg, Denver, CO
I’ve never gotten out of a traffic ticket in my life. I got pulled over on the way home from your talk. I used the tools that you taught and the cop let me go! THANK YOU!!
D. Gaston, Denver, CO
I got pulled over for missing headlamp on the car last night. I used your system and put both hands on the wheel as I talked with the Officer. I didn’t get a ticket. Thanks!!
Malachi O’Neill, Englewood, CO

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